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Posted by: amerahmed     7/12/2004 10:40:58 PM     Category: VHDL
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what is/are the differences between SIMULATION and SYNTHESIS ?

Posted by: geo.ajish     4/25/2009 9:23:14 AM
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Posted by: biswajeet80     8/19/2007 7:45:53 AM
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what is/are the differences between SIMULATION and SYNTHESIS ?

Posted by: vijaykan     7/13/2004 9:48:20 PM
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Simulation is used to verify the functionality of the circuit.. a)Functional Simulation:study of ckt's operation independent of timing parameters and gate delays. b) Timing Simulation :study including estimated delays, verify setup,hold and other timing requirements of devices like flip flops are met.

Synthesis:One of the foremost in back end steps where by synthesizing is nothing but converting VHDL or VERILOG description to a set of primitives(equations as in CPLD) or components(as in FPGA'S)to fit into the target technology.Basically the synthesis tools convert the design description into equations or components

Posted by: knguyen4573     7/13/2004 6:18:55 PM
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Simulation <= verify your design.
synthesis <= Check for your timing

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