8*8 matrix multiplication in vhdl

i want 8*8 matrix multiplication in vhdl i have return a code for matrix multiplication for 3*3 but it does not result correct ans pls check it type st is array (0 to 2,0 to 2) of std_logic; signal am,k,q,x:st; process (a) variable i,j,n,m:integer:=0; begin --if i=0 then for i in 0 to 2 loop for l in 0 to 2 loop for j in 0 to 2 loop q(i,j)<=k(i,j) and am(j,l); if j=0 then x(i,l)<=q(i,j); else x(i,l)<=q(i,j-1) xor q(i,j); end if; end loop; end loop; end loop; --end if; end process; end Behavioral;

Asked By: amritasajja
On: Dec 14, 2010 10:37:26 PM


it is gud to use ip core present xilinx ise .by using this we easily get any type of multiplication
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