what is glitch and how can we say if a given equation glitches or not?

Asked By: siri
On: Aug 31, 2004 11:35:49 AM


hi i would like to design a frequency divider by'N'using flip flops and logic gates.anyone of u can give me a suggestion. thankyou with regards
hey santhoo, thanks a lot for the explanation. i think i understood it. i fi have anymore doubts i will post the msg again. once again thanks. I am in US now. bye
Thanks for the reply Bhaskar. But could u please explain me how to know if a given function glitches or not? thanks
Hi, a glitch is an unwanted transition from the expected logic to the opposite for very short period. This is due to the difference in the path delay from various inputs to the output. As long as the clock is not sampling the glitch it is not a problem. thanks and regards bhaskar
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